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What am I doing???

Posted on January  8, 2020 15:23

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It is like a professional suicide. I decided to share my thoughts in various IT-related topics. Maybe a good idea, maybe not. The people of the Internet will judge me.

What am I doing???
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I cannot explain the why

For a long time now I always felt I want to shout out to the world all the crazy ideas I have in my mind. But also I am full of fear. With lots of fears, because writing articles and publish them to the public is a huge responsibility. And writing a blog is a double-edged weapon.

  • What if I write something rubbish, because the English is not my mother tongue?
  • What if I write something absolutely wrong, because I was too lazy to read a book in the given topic?
  • What if I write something totally bullshit, that ruins my prestige to a level, where nobody will ever count with me again?

What will I present here?

Tips and tricks. Ideas and workarounds. Smart and stupid solutions. Tutorials for the dummy me, to have them later when I need them. And of course, it would be amazing if someone else other than me would also find these articles useful.

To fulfill this goal, I will try my best to entertain You. I will try to explain every detail of my ideas, and present not only code samples but also links to the working source codes.

I had some private projects in the past that were really good to train myself, but they mostly remained unfinished. My plan is to atomize these projects as much as possible, and create standalone modules or libraries, then publish them here one-by-one.

I don’t say, that I am a top programmer with super-human knowledge in every programming language and technology. I know what I know, but I don’t know what I know wrong. The I am sure of one thing: I’d like to share my experiences. And I hope You welcome them. And You - dear visitor - can correct me, and judge me any time.