Worst Practice

Develop PHP on WSL2 in 2023

Three years after my previous article on the subject, it's time to look at how different the process is now.

Advent of Code - Day 15

This time the game is not the one it looks like for the first sight.

Advent of Code - Day 13

One of the first algorithm in programming you have to learn is sorting.

Advent of Code - Day 12

I would climb the mountain high, so high, to be able to touch the sky.

Advent of Code - Day 11

These monkeys always steal the man's valuables. We need to get back, just need to figure out where they land next.

Advent of Code - Day 10

After the rope adventure, it's nice to do some easy task. We will be TV technicians!

Advent of Code - Day 8

It is winter, we have to do some lumber job. But first we need to find the right trees.

Advent of Code - Day 6

This time we need to analyze a spooky data stream.